1.         Zone Association Disciplinary Committees

Each Zone Association shall set up a Disciplinary Committee (“the Committee”) which shall have power to act in the name of the Zone Association to hear and determine disciplinary proceedings within its jurisdiction in the following circumstances:

(a) where a player is ordered off the playing enclosure

(b)  where a report is received from a Referee pursuant to Parts 3 and 5

(c) where there is misconduct other than on the playing enclosure

(d)  where a player is required to appear before the Committee under the Sin Bin procedure hereafter prescribed

A member of the Committee who is a member of the same Club as the player or person against whom disciplinary proceedings are taken, the victim player or a complainant shall not be a member of the committee which hears and determines those disciplinary proceedings and shall not attend the hearing

The Committee (3 People) shall be made up of a Chairman and 2 independent members who have knowledge of rugby.

The committee will decide on penalty for any offence brought before it.

2.       Ordering Off:

All players ordered from the field of play incur a mandatory stand down for two playing days, (Playing days are weekend days) for example this could be two competition games plus one midweek game. State and or Zones are asked to supervise this stand down and any breaches will be treated very seriously by the various Zone disciplinary committees.

3.         Sin Bin Rules

A Player sin-binned on two occasions in a season shall be cautioned and warned that a further sin-binning will result in additional penalty. A player sin-binned on three or more occasions in a season will incur the mandatory stand down of two playing days.  No hearing will be held.  The player’s only evidence for appeal is mistaken identity. Players wishing to appeal must do so in writing through the Zone President or Zone Development Manager by 4.30p.m. on the Monday  or 48 hours after completion of the match following his third sin-binning. 

A hearing will then be held at the next scheduled judiciary meeting when the player and his support personnel will be required to appear and present their evidence.

4.         Citings:

A complaint may be received by the Zone President or Zone Development Manager from; clubs, referees, or any other person.  It must be received within 48 hours of the completion of the match and contain the following; the time, date and place of the alleged foul play, the name of the player in respect of whom the complaint is made, the Club the player in respect of whom the complaint is made, the Club the player represents, the name of the opposition Club, full details of the alleged foul play, and any other witness’s. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes