Callaghan Cup Tournament Finals Day Match results of 11th April.09.

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Army Ambala win 15 to 7 points against Delhi Lions.
Ambala’s strategy to play the forwards game paid off finally against a better Delhi Lions team. Ambala forwards created phases after phases roping the Lions and then making forays by their backs to score. Lions defence was equally good but the onslaught by the heavier, fitter, bigger and stronger Ambala boys could not prevent them from scoring. Yet the Lions fought hard to score and missed a few good opportunities to score when it mattered most. Although the Lions skills and techniques and strategies were more organised, the finishing was lacking. Ambala’s defence was rock solid. Ambala then inched their way to score and put up the pressure, defending well to win the Callaghan Cup 2008 safely.
For 3rd and 4th places.
Maidan Hazards gets a walkover from Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Orissa players were unable to field due to injuries.
Magicians win plate finals 27 to 12 against LMOB.
This time the Magicians got their acts together with good combination of forwards and backs utilising the opponent’s gaps and lapses to full advantage. Good support enabled them to keep the score ticking in their favour. LMOB fought back and at one time looked to level the score midway during the game. Poor marking and defense lapses gave the Magicians to increase their lead until it was out of harms way. Magicians fitness and speed saw them through to win the Plate. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes