Rugby Making A Breakthrough In Indian Schools


Who would have thought eh! 40 schools, 1000 plus kids, 250 games over 5 fields, close to 50 volunteers combined with IRFU staff and two fabulous days of school children being introduced to rugby, many for the first time.

With 3 grades U12, U14 and U17 boys and girls the 2 day tournament lifted the awareness of the game in and around Maharashtra immensely with several TV News items and featured on National sports news as well.

Some of the headlines read  “City children give thumbs up to Rugby”,  “A Touch Different”  and a “New Sunrise for Rugby at Udayanchal” just 3 of the many headlines in Maharashtra daily  papers.

Who won isn’t that important -  however certainly Udayanchal school proved to be strongest present, placing 1st in U17 boys (in extra time), 1st U 14 girls and placed in the U17 Girls. Fantastic.

This is the fourth year this tournament has run and the growth astonishing from just 9 schools 13 to 16 and 2009 40 schools. The Interest of students is immense and now means that the full contact tournament schedule can now be expanded to both boys (10 teams) and girls (6 teams). • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes